Words that I believe create transformation. 
-It’s because I know somewhere deep down that I can do this that I’m trying. 
-I have the right to exist, just the way I am, and live just the way I want to. 
-There’s great stability in the momentum of ongoing change.
-Lead me from ignorance into truth.
-I am a being of light, and I rid my being of all negativity.
-All is well in my world.
-Don’t try and figure out everything, sometimes it’s good to let things surprise you.
-Surround yourself with beautiful people, it makes you beautiful / Beautiful people make a beautiful person. 
-Don’t do all you can do, but love all you can love. 
-Go become your dream. 
-I'll welcome the day with a smile.
Say them aloud to your self once in a while
Photos by Paisley

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