I've been really happy with the people I've been surrounded with, the work I've been doing, the excursions I've been going on, the photos I've been snapping, the events I've been working on, the food I've been eating...everything has been very exciting lately. But still, I've felt like I want to change something. Clothes? Ofcourse, but that's always evolving. Plan a trip? Already overdone. Pick up a new interest/hobby/activity? I don't think it would do me any good to spread myself even thinner.
So then I came to hair, I already satisfy my need for change by being able to go from straight to curly but that hasn't curbed my craving lately. & I always tell myself that I should just grow it out--I haven't had long hair in 7 years--but a part of me thinks I wouldn't enjoy long hair as much. So maybe I should go shorter as in the above picture. I love the blunt but still ethereal quality of the above cut... we'll see how I feel after sitting on it for a few days.

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