Break BWs

 Agreed, spring break is usually more colorful/joyful, but I think these black and whites are an accurate photo diary of mine. 
The calming nature of bw agrees with the lessened load during spring break--being able to fly to LA on a whim, lay in bed till' noon, have numerous coffee dates with no time constraints etc... 
Contrastingly though, it's also a representation of the uneasiness, anxiety and helplessness I've felt about our decisions in Libya, the disaster in Japan and the earthquake that is hypothesized to be on our horizon.  My inability to make a huge difference for those presently effected by a natural disaster or corrupt government has reminded me to soak up everything I am now a part of so that I can gain the resources and knowledge to do so. A hugely futuristic approach, I know.

Read Fashiontoast for an amazing and candid journal of the disaster in Japan.

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  1. I love your blog! I'd love to shoot with you if you're still in the bay!?