Packed in hearts

Above: My beautiful parents before the gremlins (my brothers and I) ruined their marriage, heehe kidding
Below: A close up of my mom from the same day
I'll be moved out of my beloved apartment by this time next week, and since the fun-filled memorial weekend is around the corner, I really only have the remainder of the week to finish up. I spent all day today organizing, which consisted of throwing out the crazy amount of junk us human beings accumulate, labeling, boxing, and getting sidetracked with my photofolders filled with these gems. 
I'm thankful that my family passed down their love for photo memories to me--even though I could probably calm down my obsessive compulsive need to catch every moment.  Enjoyxx
Above: Man in sunglasses = the last emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, and my grandpa, Ethiopian ambassador, to his right. 
Below: A photo by my dad-Him and his close friend trekking through the Ethiopian countryside.
Above: My dad, too sexy for himself
Below: My little brother and I in the Yuba river

Above: My cousin and I cracking up and getting wet in the downtown San Jose fountains. 
Below: Me and my older brother-he still treats me like his daughter :)
Above: Me competing in an archery shoot
Below: My dad and my older brother, happy as can be
-Me and my older brother, Lake Tahoe

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  1. This is too cute!! What a sweet family you have you lucky girl :)