J'adore rien, Je suis Parisien!!!!!!!

Favorite part of today was the time spent roaming around Montmartre. The sun peeked out for quite some time before it started raining again--actually got pretty hot. And in perfect time to scour through the artisan's stands and run from one amazing viewpoint to another.  
I've never been one to deliberately bring home a souvenir from my travels, the clothes/art/party giveaways usually serve as such. &I'm clearly obsessed with picture memories, so that suffices. 
This week in Paris though I have ended up with two "souvenirs" that I'm obsessed with. Yesterday while at the Centre Pompidou bookstore, I eyed a huge art piece/display that was spitting out posters for their Paris-Delhi-Bombay exhibition. The posters would fall over the balcony to the level bellow where people were waiting to catch them. Thankfully, my curiosity forced me to walk down the stairs and find that within the massive rectangular display was a photo booth, and you could carry home with you a poster-size portrait of yourself in the Paris-Delhi-Bombay exhibition theme!
Then, while at Montmartre today I was approached by an artisan making cutout silhouettes. His sample was intriguing, but I wasn't willing to spend $35 US dollars on a card-size piece of paper. He confidently didn't take no for an answer and said that I could decide after he made it-- I actually loved it & my brother thought it was so perfectly me too. I secretly still wasn't up for the price, but he ended up gifting it to me anyways (it's the image at the top left of the blog now)!

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  1. Simone Spilka7/27/11, 3:01 PM

    AHHH love love! I was wondering how you made a cut-out silhouette...of courseee Paris!