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The jewelry post got me thinking about the incredible Ethiopian crosses I want to snag this summer--which then of course got me thinking about my travels. I'll be roaming around Paris for a bit, and then head to Ethiopia to see many missed loved ones (who make up the readership of this blog haha) and work at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange--doing a mesh of photography/journalism/PR. I realized that I am not nearly as excited as I should be for what is to come. 
It's definitely because I'm a little bitter that traveling and working abroad means no time with west coast loved ones before my move, but that's entirely too spoiled and unappreciative of me-I've snapped out of it. I know all the people that have become a part of me will remain as such. And now I'll soak in this last week without worry of leaving, and mentally set myself up for success abroad. 

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  1. ma cherie
    so true. Our past is who we are and acnnot be erased. Love the photos of our back yard.