The Weeknd has been a part of my mental music library for some time. I don't know enough about music to say anything notable about the greatness of House of Balloons,  I've just clicked the replay button enough times to realize it makes me feel good. 
When I think about what I've accomplished this year thus far, I realize that every memory; moment, joke, picture etc... has a soundtrack connected to it, and it has made me want to get a little more musically educated. 
And in doing so I've learned that The Weeknd 's name is Abel Tesfaye. Totally Ethiopian!!! I would have never known. We are some talented people ;)

"Wow, I've been listening to his music for going on three months now. Ever since that Sunday afternoon while the sun was setting! I don't know what it is, but in THE MORNING I thought I would be COMING DOWN from getting HIGH FOR THIS. If like me, this music is playing WICKED GAMES with your emotional state...Well!...just be glad to be in THE KNOWING!...And for those of you who are seeking a music fix...head to the HOUSE OF BALLOONS, cause this...well this WHAT YOU NEED"

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