Fashion week=Shopping week

Maybe it's because I've been following all the shows and am needing to fill my closet with what I've seen, OR I'm missing half my wardrobe that couldn't come with me to Paris-Ethiopia-and back here to NY OR just having every possible store a taxi ride away has been too much for me to handle OR working in the Cosmopolitan fashion closet is a horrible situation for my bank account.......I don't know, but I've definitely taken advantage of the deals this week, or rather they've taken advantage of me. Either way, my tiny closet is now happily overflowing.

1.Zara Navy Trench  2.Boutique 9 Rosaley Oxfords 3.Kelsi Dagger Patent Frances Loafers 4. Pippa Lynn Print Shorts  & two others that I can't seam to find anywhere online; LF/Danity Floral wide leg trousers & LF-Raj oversize sweater scarf.

& in between all the shopping/working/class I've had many a laugh attacks with friends over 3 hour meals--mostly pizza, bruschetta and wine. 

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  1. LF's final sale this weekend was the demise of me as well. However, instead of your useful items I purchased 3 pairs of almost identical jean shorts (among other things)... I wish you were here to slap me with your economical shopping methods...