This week has been insane, hence the five day separation between posts, WooF
I was talking to Nilou last night for hours---helping her with an email-- and taking breaks to run through all my current obsessions. A big one being emphasized/embellished collars, whether it be an actual insanely editorial,  detachable collar OR an emphasized neckline with a collared shirt and statement necklace. One just can't go wrong with a....dare I say...neck party

A couple of what's going on under my chin today, compliments of my darling Katherine, and then some of my favorites. 
&&&& A COLLAR DIY by BecauseI'mAddicted. let's get crafty!! 

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  1. I'm about to have an AMAZING DIY of the metallic HM sweaters. You will have to come over to help and make one of your own, We were thinking of doing that tomorrow so come after work xo