Well Yellow

As you all know (because 'you all' are just my close friends anyways haha) my favorite color is yellow, and finding pops/essences of it everywhere is an anti-misanthrope of mine, for sure

Many of the pieces in the streetfashion&runway pictures of this post can be criticized as soooo non-groundbreaking, even seemingly 'over&donewith'. I obviously disagree. I really do think everything is a reincarnation of what is past, just in a style/attitude of the present. Some are just more drama infused, while others, like the ones I've posted, appeal to a calmer side of us. 
The label that Germaine and I are always thinking about, and finding inspo for, will be exactly that. EXACTLY US==Intended for global beings who want to easily look incredible, but who have more on their minds than fashion. 
Pieces that are inherently casual, still innovative, can be quite simply dressed up, quirky, and very berry wearable.  
SO with that, let's toast to hump day and say Well Yellow....
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  1. uhm that first outfit needs to be on me right now. OBSESSSSSSSSED. I love all of this, and I love how you made me yellowyellowyellow

  2. Obsessed with the starry blouse and gold skirt!