"J'ai embrassé l'aube d'été"

     I've been digitally dead to the world. It hasn't bothered me much. I actually went on an apartment wifi cleanse for three months- Only juuuuuust re-ordered it.
     I know everyone says that FB, Twitter, etc have made relationships artificial, and are the only premise, or reason for existence, of some of them. I mean, I agree. But I also think that they've changed the way we live our non-digital lives. I was thinking the other day about my move to NYC. Would I have just decided within 24hrs, while in Ethiopia, that I was going to re-route my flight to NYC if I didn't know that I could maintain a constant connection with my family and friends? Je ne pense pas.
     Now let me follow that up with the fact that I have been horrible at doing just that. Ryane, you made me shit my pants when you re-entered the United States and said "I feel like I know nothing about your life". AAAAH. C'est horrible. Having a phone call with everyone that I love, everyday, is just not physically possible. Probably because of the digital-heavy professional+educational life I chose to lead. It's my hope that I can successfully use what I love to keep connected to the people that I love. Then our conversations don't just have to be autobiographies of the previous days, and instead more intimate thoughts.
    This summer has been sooooo sweeet. Worked harder than I ever have, usually 60hrs/wk, and loved every moment of it. People who say "work can never be enjoyed when it turns into a job", or some reiteration of that, are stupid and probably need a career change.
     I spent half of my free time inside getting my new place together: A process that, for my roommate danny and I, will never end. Best put as "Eclectic Minimalism" (which really is a masked way of saying exceptionally picky flea market finds).
     The other 50% of my 108hrs/wk of not working, were infested with a slew of coffee shops, grassy areas, views of water, rooftops.... flâneur  flâneur  flâneur  flâneur  flâneur (Paisley this is your que to purchase a flight).

    I don't think this summer needs a much longer summary than that, because summaries are, well, boring.
    Let's not long for the days before the FB "like" button, or the 140 character limit, because as Rimbaud said, "Il faut être absolument moderne". We'll just remember to let the intimacy of words prevail through our relationships, both digital and not.

+Inclusive of pictures and my crazy video love notes. Because without those, who is Mekdela?


  1. Eclectic Minimalism is by far the best more descriptive phrase you've come up with. Kudes

    the amount of french in this post is perfect, you are perfect, and i need to be there.

  2. Now I feel like shit for deleting my instagram! I'm currently non existent in the virtual realm other than stalking your blog. We'll chat -Ry