embarrassed that I haven't posted since 2012. Nevertheless, here are more words. 
byebye undergrad. I hope the past four years have quenched my thirst for organized success as I let my lofty side take over. 
Our commencement speech by David Boies, the anti prop 8 lawyer, was only saved from being a total disaster by his mention of banal platitudes. I then was able to listen to his words, which otherwise could have been mistaken for anti prop 8 propaganda, in the beautiful lens of David Foster Wallace's 05' commencement speech. I was reminded that knowledge is simply awareness. Some find the guidance of a professor to be their route to intaking this awareness, some are more apt to discover it in the crevices of life. I excitedly shift from the first to the latter but all the while knowing that I will return.
It doesn't really feel all that momentous though. Maybe it's because I don't have a propensity to be sentimental, but all the people I've met and love, the interests I've ignited, and memories I now hold are not being sequestered just because I wore a cap and gown....they're all coming with me. In all honesty I just feel an overwhelming sense of pride for being able to keep my cap on my fro throughout 2 ceremonies.
And Ryane, if you're reading this and you've arrived in South Africa, Zimbabwe, or wherever is next, can you send us a smoke signal in the form of an email! please! 

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