1-4. My birthday party that my lovelies totally surprised me with. The first picture is the only one that was caught of me in total shock. I was so surprised I started crying, those sneaky friends made me feel so special! 
5. Going out after the dinner party, Paisley's in the mature line. 
6. Got a mani pedi. If you couldn't tell already by my numerous posts about nailpolish and nailcare, I die for mani pedis once in a while. Not noticeable in the pic, but these were the perfect red sparkly birthday nails. 
7. Out with friends again the next evening. 
8. On our way to my family home we stopped in Santana Row to get lunch. Went to Straights and split the perfect salad/noodles, and then headed over to Pinkberry of course. 
9. At home for the third birthday night. Ate my mom's great cooking as well as Red Velvet Bundt Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, learned how to blow O's of smoke, and danced to some dubstep beats.
I'm not one to get hyped over birthdays, but I've always enjoyed the excuse to drop everything and just have a good time. This birthday though, tops any holiday! Even my favorite--Thanksgiving. I appreciate birthdays now more than ever, and this one taught me that they're all about surrounding yourself with the greatest people in your life, the same people you hope to be with until your next birthday and beyond.   

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