Iced Soy Latte

Last Day with my dad before he left for Ethiopia again, we got some moroccan food in downtown San Jose, ran errands, and went to our favorite coffee place, Barefoot Coffee Works. Obviously we love it because the coffee is da bamb! But the other reasons why I'm obsessed are; in general-their ethical business practices, more specifically-their efforts to support the small farmers, and of course their absolute adoration of the crop. 
"The main coffee growing regions in Ethiopia are Yirgacheffe, Harrar, Sidama, Jimma, Limu, Kaffa, Buni, For the 2008-2009 season Barefoot is putting a major effort into supporting the excellent farmers and coffees of Ethiopia. Barefoot will continue to partner with our long term partners Trabocca and Dominion Trading even as we expand our partnership to new farms and co-ops in Ethiopia. All of these coffees have radically different flavor profiles from each other allowing you to literally taste the difference micro-climates make in three distinct coffees from the same country." -Barefoot
Go check it out, you'll never think of starbucks the same!

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