Paper and Print

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I admit, I will rarely pick up a book to leisurely read. But even so, I don't think kindles or ipads will make books obsolete and I hold that same opinion about magazines and newspapers. 
I am in love with magazines. Whether it's Elle or the National Geographic Traveler, there is something about flipping through, folding over and marking up the pages of each issue that brings me the purest delight. Truthfully, I will probably rarely open an old issue to visit what I was so sure I would want to remind myself of, but this fact still hasn't coaxed me into reading the same issues online. 
I had never previously realized this though because for the past handful of years I've repeatedly heard that print was dying; from my parents who are noticing the internets' growing influence on our generation, to huge journalism icons who are writing about their own careers approaching demise. I think this coupled with my love for words is what gets me so excited about The Power of Print ads. They're using their own media to advertise their true brilliance!

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