Van Sant

(Elle No. 305)
I love Gus Van Sant for his short story in the 2006 Paris Je T'aime--the genius compilation of modern day love stories. Sant always strays from displaying normalcy, and instead tries to weave out the weirdness that we all really are and can therefore empathize with. Restless seems to do exactly that, by capturing the spirit these two unique personalities string together to fall in love. 
Normal is really soothing and down to earth. Yes and No. I think there is definitely worth in having a sense of normalcy to be able to connect to everyone, but I'd have to agree with Sant's embrace of our introspective nature. Which leads me to a piece I was reading on Johnny Depp where he said, "I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal. Because I find them the weirdest of all". Exactly.

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