(((The latest links that bind my personal anti-misanthropy, hope it brings you joy too.)))
(Perfect summer dinner party on the beach, 100layercake)
(Spread in Rue Magazine by Elizabeth Messina that screams happiness)

 (Coffee Table/photo album "Rememberance Table" By Mitch Steinmetz)
 (Jason Wu lace faces)

(Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralie)
 (Beyonce in Girls Who Run The World)
("The Perfect Cheeseplate" by Murray's Cheese)
(Love the bun, dress, pool, back etc etc etc. Vogue UK June 2011)
(Old photos of our homes in Ethiopia)
(Amazing apartment shot by Philip Karlberg)
(Who are you?)
(American Apparel pleated skirt)
(These women!)
(Fabulous! Harper's Bazaar Spain June 2011)
(Disassembled and rearranged camera and typewriter by Todd McLellan)
(Ek Thongprasert silicone gemstone necklace)
(carefree romance, Marc Jacobs book)
(Just like me going through magazines and lookbooks, seaofshoes)
(Sketch of Germaine Denigris and me)

...and so many more in my anti-misanthropy desktop folder to be shared soon