Shu uemera, applaud

 (I killed him he he) By Antonio Velez
I am soooo not a make-up connoisseur, but one can still appreciate something they may not know much about right??
Kelly Framel's Shu uemera style profile reminded me of how impressed I was with their beauty products for a shoot I did a while back (I mean how sick is her hair at the end of that video?). Their make-up/beauticians are so awesome/creative! 
Shu uemera got his big break is the US movie, The Geisha, when he transformed an American actress into a Japanese woman. --Definitely known for their avant-garde constructs of beauty, but everyday wearable too. My favorite buy is the false eyelashes because they're understated and totally reusable. 

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  1. I waiting that entire movie to see you and you hah! You are such a natural model. Your expression in the bottom photo is perfect.