long working weeks//short insane weekends

I give myself six years for the first two words of those phrases to permanently switch places...
I'm currently listening to "amba" Pandora station/writing papers, and I will continue to do so until the start of my six class day tomorrow. So I thought I'd refresh by reminiscing and posting pictures of this weekend. I had no set plans besides celebrating a couple of birthdays, and actually spent most of my time wandering the East Village, Chelsea, and everything in between.  As well as laying and munching on Germaine's rooftop. 
And now I'll study and have my 4th Starbucks of the day. --Speaking of, many friends and even random classmates have had their laughs at professors attempting to pronounce my name//or//Starbucks baristas writing a series of letters that don't even come close to M e k d e l a. So, I've started to take pictures of what's written on my cups, get ready to cry.

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