omg shoes, no -->skateboarding

Germaine and I were just talking about when/where we would purchase our skateboards...Ya I know what? 
It's the best way to get around nearby neighborhoods in NY, and you can bring it with you in the subway, to work, or in class if need be. 
My little brother taught me how to ride over three years ago, and after two weeks of trying, I could actually maneuver around vehicles. I hope it comes back to me quickly so I don't make a horrible ass of myself on the regular. But even then, it could just be a fun thing to try to do. 
And so, as you can imagine, when I stumbled upon these decks with the coveted Céline print on them, I fell over and broke myself in half. But I actually did halfway fall over and now I have orange juice all over my legs, dingbat.  

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