Je fucking t'aime

      Such an incredible week orchestrated by my friends and family. Never felt so loved. Mom&Dad both flew in for my party that I of course didn't know about. The weather was a perfect medley of sun streaks and short stormy moments, and I spent more time dining than ever before. Now simply enjoying a week off before everything starts back up again, a whole lotta' time in bed, brunching, and Brooklyn.
     Danny has taken a likening to burning shit, and I haven't protested because it's actually really fun. Yes we are burning a photo in the picture down there, but it wasn't a self-soothing eating-a-pint-of-ben&jerrys-while-watching-a-movie type thing. It's rather just for the sake of the feeling that erupts when there's a fire lit in a dark brick room during summertime with nyc sounds outside; It's quite somethin'. 
Thank you all for the celebrations, loving texts, posts, and tweets included. 

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