Realizing if I conjure up a moment for a snapshot, it always just ends up being covered in virtual iPhoto library dust, never again being seen by my human eye. Wherefore, I don't post very often, but Instagram really is superlative for fleeting moments, at least for those of us who have let our phones be the keys to our lives. 
Hmm...that sounded like a true tech-addict, merde! 
Actually, yesterday I realized I left my phone in my apt once I got to street level, and I didn't go back up to get. Totally redeeming right?
Well in other not so self-depleting news, I've been most enjoying meeting friends by happenstance and letting the romance of life carry us into long withstanding friendships. Not totally withstanding though, some temptations aren't meant to be resisted. 
I think these photos successfully echo the past month; peaking smiles and open-mouthed laughs while watching the season change from my caged bed and atop a bicycle at the piers. 
It has been most fun to continue the search for balance between my drive for organized success and free-spirited lofty sensibilities. I honestly think I have a split heart that aches for completely different lifestyles, but having kindred souls to laugh through the undeniable mistakes with is what I have come to think magic is all about.

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  1. You're so talented! That was beautifully written (and photographed, of course!)