Garden date

"I feel like I'm always waiting for something." My friend and I were airing our frustrations about feeling like we're in limbo a lot. Most of the people in my life could say that I rarely know what I'm going to be doing/where I will be in a year, even a month, scary. 
& it's funny too, because I would say that I'm quite a planner. I guess I just subconsciously like having options within my own endeavors- Instead of a plan A, B &C, there's just three "A"s so that I'm less worrisome. ---Ok well then I guess I am as plan prone as I thought.
Whatever it is, I'm currently enjoying sifting through them to discover what is the right path, and filling my time with afternoons like this is my mom's backyard.
We pretended as if it wasn't overcast; cut some roses from the front yard, feasted on a brie en croute and black tea, played mancala and listened to Adele. All until our goosebumps weren't bearable, come on sun!

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